A Ready Mind (A.R.M.) offers firearms training and education
Licensed To Carry a Handgun Class, Ladies Basic Firearms Training Class, Personal Protection Training, Private Instruction, Hunter Ed

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My name is Deborah Davison and I reside in Waco, Texas. I have been a firearms instructor for over 16 years and for the majority of my career, have worked and trained individuals on safe gun handling along with self-defense programs. I am a women’s instructor/coach for a very unique program, the only one of its kind in the nation, The Annie Oakley Sure Shots. I have a passion for educating and training individuals on the use and safe-handling of firearms. I believe all my years of training and education can benefit any individual who is willing to familiarize themselves with firearms in knowledge, self-defense, shooting tactics, education and training while perfecting their shooting skills.

I offer a variety of classes:
  • Annie Oakley Sure Shots (AOSS) - a ladies shooting program
  • Concealed Handgun License
  • Personal Protection Training
  • Private Training
  • Private Group Classes
  • Hunter Education
  • Young Adult Fundamentals and Firearms Safety (ages 14-17 years)

As a firearms instructor, the safe handling of a firearm - the education and training - is the first step to becoming a responsible gun owner. Training and education of firearms is “Safety thru Confidence.”

If you are planning on taking one of my classes, start looking for ammo NOW either in stores or online.

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